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Ten Month Old Sky

Sky learned to like the round pen and it was great exercise for me, too! We would add obstacles, tarps and general sacking out to our weekly routine.

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Learning to lead was easy for Sky as she liked her halter and loved all the grooming, attention and eventual treats that followed.

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Sky and Lin
Having Fun

Bits, bridle, saddling and first rides were easy, too. At one year she had accepted me on her back knowing my voice commands from extensive ground training. Our “five minute rides” were important to get used to someone on her back, mounting/dismounting from both sides and teaching her to stand still. Remember to end any training session on a good note no matter how long the lesson takes.

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Crucial basic ground training began early and continues on a daily basis. Determined old me and feisty little Sky soon learned the ropes. (I hadn’t owned a horse in 30 years so we both were getting an education).

Expect the unexpected when working the young horse. Remember the horse is a fight or flight animal and you are on their runway. Teach them respect. Be alert ~ be careful ~ have fun!

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