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New Generation

Sacred Native Storm

Sacred Native Storm (right)
Ms Native Sky Dancer (left)

After the twins, Miss Fancy Fols (Sacred Dog Ranch) took a well deserved year off from her foaling duties. But on April 14, 2001 I got a call from Debbie telling me a beautiful colt was born. Although he was almost a gruella color she knew he would be all black and that I must come see him. I fell in love with this long legged foal immediately. I knew then an all black Native Dancer horse #2 was in my near future. I would take delivery of him 8 months later and have him join his half-sister Sky at Dreamcatcher Appaloosas, closer to my home.

Stormy is a very sensitive horse. During weaning time he turned into the wildest out of control colt we’d ever seen. We quickly found out his adrenaline would win over any sedation methods. Transferring him from stall to trailer, ranch to ranch was a long traumatic ordeal I will never forget. Whatever frightened this young little guy would have to be “gentled” out. I started the very patient process of calming him and earning his trust. I decided to have him gelded and it was in those two weeks post-surgery that we bonded. He still is sensitive and can be a bit on the defense but we understand each other. He no longer strikes out or tries to jump six foot mesh panels (good grief!) He is tall and elegant and has the look of a winner. He, too, received his first bit, bridle and saddling on his first birthday without a hitch.

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