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Equine Art
Lipizzaner Stallions
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Equine Art Work
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In the late 15th century the monastery of San Paolo had a small shrine or chapel located in it's gardens. The abbess, Maria de Benedetti, commissioned several ceramic artists to create a magnificent floor for this chapel consisting of 264 hand painted majolica tiles. The tiles featured images of human figures, still life, decorative motifs and animals.

To do justice to this magnificent artwork we have created a tile that mimics masonry that is hundreds of years old. Each tile is made by hand and dated.

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Tile-1 Archival Art Majolica Tile - The Leopard - San Paolo Monastery, Italy c. 1480.

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Tile-2  Archival Art Majolica Tile - The Hare San Paolo Monastery, Italy c. 1480.

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Tile-3 Lipizzaner Stallion executing the "Courbette". Original art - acrylic painting -  16 x 20  Matted

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Tile-4 Boots and Saddle - Original art - acrylics - 16 x 20 - Matted

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Tile-5 English Phaeton Carriage and trotters.
Recreation fused on wood - 16" x 9 1/2"